Doing less to achieve more

Teams tend to talk a lot about their top priorities, which is great, but progress also depends on identifying which low priorities should be discarded

Doing less to achieve more from Nicholas Stanforth on Vimeo.

Starting new things comes easier to most than stopping old habbits

Lean projects are about doing less, not more. As I explain in this film, the most demanding part of most improvement projects is not convincing people to try something new. It's convincing them to drop old processes.

The measure of a good project manager is how soon they recognise delays and how quickly they correct them. This depends on how they manage their own and also their team's capacity.

Since leaving my management position in 2009 and setting up shop as a consultant, I have made at least one improvement every week, no matter how large or small. One of the most rewarding experiences of running my own business has been tapping into my true potential by learning to manage my time. Watch this video for tipps on how to take progress onto a new level

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