Eisenhower Matrix

Dwight Eisenhower did not want to be president. In fact he turned both the Democrats and Republicans parties down when they asked him to become their candidate. Soon after, the american nation began to wear "I like Ike" badges and he finaly got the hint.

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Regardless what we think of his politics

Dwight Eisenhower did teach us a lot about time management.
He claimed "very few important tasks are urgent and very few urgent tasks are important".
Take a moment to reflect: what percentage of your working day is taken up with urgent issues?

Using Time to Your Advantage

It cannot be stored, bought or sold and its the only good which everyone on this planet has the same amount of. Yet we all find ourselves trying to ignore the basic facts from time to time.
If you do find yourself fighting a never ending to-do list, this simple four-field matrix could offer the first step towards taking control.

The power of sticky notes

I have tried all sorts of task-list softwares, diaries and other management tools. Each has had its own merits, however, I find the most simple and effective methods to manage tasks is to write their names down on small sticky notes.
Sticking them in the relevant field of an Eisenhower matrix helps as a first step towards prioritising work.
The Time-Progress Manager below builds on Eisenhower's principles to take full control of your tasks.

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