The results matter more than the process...

A project manager falls out of the 20th storey window at head quaters. His boss call his cellphone and, diligent as he is, he is happy to answer.
When asked, he reports "We are making good progress, getting quicker by the minute. I have a great overview and from where I am, things look fantastic"
The manager in this tale did not adhere to the first two of the golden rules below. Let's hope he has always invested in the third to help him out of this predicament.

Use Common Sense

Ever been on a project where common sense is telling you to stop, but group pressure makes you carry on? If you hit a brick wall, take a step back.
If things seem unimaginaly complex, squint your eyes and the messages in the picture will become clear.
Never fall in love with the clever methods, Japanese terms and great rhetorics: look beyond the show to find your true goal.

Most importantly of all, if you doubt your own feelings, you are wrong!

Make Concious Decisions

Analysing your situation and visualising the facts will enable effectivity both today and as a foundation for tomorrow.
You would be amazed how many people think they have an unsolvable problem or work in the most challenging environment.
Once you have broken through those imaginary boundaries, and replaced opinions with facts, you start to see the opportunities which have been staring at you all along.

Build Strong Relationships

"No marriage gets tested on the honeymoon.*" A relationship is built on honesty and, the stronger it gets, the more it can carry.
Nevertheless, we all know what we should do, but good relationships are the first thing many throw out of the basket when things get tough.
If you continually invest your efforts into both understanding and being understood, you will probably find your relationships are the best investment you ever made.

This is not just about being nice to each other.

*A quote from Andrew Knox.