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Leading is not doing

One of the key hurdles of leadership is that you do not actualy achieve anything yourself. It might sound like I'm stating the obvious, but 9 times out of 10, this will play a role in a managers strugle to become a leader.
The fact is a good worker, needs to learn how not to work and still feel like they have achieved someting. Their confidence may drop, simply because a real manager will pass on the credit to their team.
The good news is, doing less will help you achieve more. You just need to take the leap.

Small successes bring confidence and the desire to carry-on

By way of example, whilst a sales manager might still actively sell, a good sales director will have long stopped selling and turned their efforts to enabling success. They show interest in new leads, listen to ideas and give clear feedback. They share their own secrets of success and experience and will motivate in times of failure.
They will defend their team in the board room where necessary. They will be truly happy for a sales person who wins a deal and make sure as many employees as possible feel part of their winning team, but they will avoid joining in the negotiaitions and they will never, ever take the credit for success.

Easier said than done?

As with many change-topics, I advise managers to adopt a gradual change approach. This means, if you are struggling with a new concept, define a specific time in your schedule to practice it and analyse the results you observe.
You might, for instance, choose to give all the credit to others in your weekly meeting, take private notes and then reserve 15 minutes soon after the meeting to review what changes each week.

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