PPC is about helping people to love their work

Teaching is learning

Ricardo Semler once said "If you feel the need to give something back, you probably took too much in the first place" and his words were inspirational in developing this app.

Throughout my career, I have learnt that the more you share, the more you grow. In fact I think consultancy is a bit like teaching kids to ride a bike. Sure, it's about sharing skills and giving instructions, but it's a lot more about enabling independence and letting go in stages.

I'm lucky enough to love my work because it is so rewarding. There are so many simple changes, which have lead to huge benefits and it's great to see teams gel and individuals excel.

I refer to myself as a Progress Coach, because progress floats my boat. I complete a stretch project every year and also make at least one small improvement to my own business every week. Learning how to code and writing the PPC articles is proving to be an amazing jouney.

Assuming you adhere to the Terms and Conditions explained using this link, I invite you to use the contents of this web-based html 5 app to help yourself and others.

I do hope Ricardo Semler doesn't think I'm too late to start giving back and encourage you all to share your own success stories today!